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Structural Health Monitoring 


The assessment of existing structures has become an area of increasing significance over the last decade. Recent cases of structures showing signs of premature deterioration have added to the list of increasing reinforced concrete structures under investigation. Given the present rate of economic growth of most developing nations in our neighborhood, it is certain that the volume of such stocks may reach an alarming level in the near future. As the number of ‘ailing’ structures increase there is a need to develop a systematic approach for their assessment. The actual assessment process involves a systematic study of the existing condition of the structure and assessing the importance of this information on the overall present and future performance of the structure.

Dust extraction for chemical tests

Structural health monitoring or assessment involves a systematic process of evaluating the condition, structural stability and integrity of the structure. The approach to the assessment process usually involves a preliminary investigation followed by a detailed survey of the structure. These two phases are essential in determining the ‘as-built’ condition of the structure for its present and future performance.