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Glass surfaces such as shower screens and glass railings are constantly exposed to harsh conditions that can cause damage to the glass. Hard water, soap, shampoos, lime scale, dirt, chemicals, salt and grime can all lead to staining and etching of the glass surface which cannot be removed with general household cleaners. This provides a large market opportunity to offer a glass restoration service to both residential and commercial customers. Using the EnduroShield Glass Restoration System, glass can be brought back to a near new finish at a fraction of the cost of replacement to the customer.

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Common areas where staining is found include:
• Existing shower screens that have become stained over time from soap scum build-up or chemical damage in residences or commercial operations such as hotels.

  • Glass pool fencing and railings that have been stained from salt water, chlorine or other chemicals.
  • Exterior windows, especially near the ocean where glass has corroded from being exposed to the salt air.
  • Car washes that are exposed to hard water and chemicals.

  • Public transport, such as buses, that are exposed to the harmful effects of hard water damage caused by automatic wash bays.

  • Marine glass that has been stained from exposure to salt water.





enduroshield glass restoration & scratch removal
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