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 Information for Architects


As an architect or designer you are always keen to provide the perfect project.  EnduroShield® is the ideal accompaniment to your project specification. 


EnduroShield a ultra long lasting easy clean / protective coating, certified by TÜV Rhineland to provide an easy clean surface and durability tested to last beyond 10 years, allows your clients to keep their treated surfaces looking new for years to come, with minimal maintenance. 

EnduroShield® provides a real cost saving on cleaning for the client, whilst providing a noticeably cleaner surface between cleaning. The added benefit is due to the robust protective coating shielding the surface from deterioration, the client saves money on expensive replacement costs.


As a minimal cost per sq. ft as an addition during construction and available from many of North America’s leading tier one suppliers, or available as an in-situ application in some regions, EnduroShield® is simple to include in your specification.


Does EnduroShield® have LEED certification?


The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is a third-party certification program which does not rate products, rather is used to rate green building projects.


As part of our commitment to green projects, EnduroShield is a proud member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the developer of the ratings systems, reinforcing the environmental benefits that a project can attain when EnduroShield® is specified.


Individual products like EnduroShield® can, however, contribute points to LEED® projects. EnduroShield® can be considered as a potential contributor to credits through the improved water efficiency from a reduction cleaning time and frequency, at the same time the long lasting easy clean surface negates the need for harsh/impact chemicals to be used leading to a reduction site chemical usage / run off.


Why EnduroShield® not a different supplier?

EnduroShield® is unique in its performance, durability and certification. The largest Glass Fabricators in North America and around the globe rely on us as their partner for protective coatings.


While we agree there are other options available for Easy Clean surfaces most require specialist after care (revitalizer) products to maintain performance and cannot achieve the performance life of EnduroShield®. We encourage the comparison to EnduroShield, while other brands merely warrant the glass will be more water repellent than untreated glass (25-35°) and generally are not Oleophobic.


The manufacturer also provide a performance warranty, committing to have an accepted Easy Clean Performance level (bead angle greater than 70°) after 10 years, this is certified by a global prestigious testing agency. We like to think this is the quantifiable evidence of performance your client wants, not a vague statement.


If it’s a Curtain wall for a commercial tower, shower enclosures for a hotel, stainless steel railings for a restaurant or the tiles of bathroom, EnduroShield® MAKES CLEANING A BREEZE.


Insist that your specification for EnduroShield® is met with the quality you expect your project to have, and not an inferior replacement.


* Based on 10 years of simulated normal use and certified by TÜV Rheinland, Germany.






“I love the coating, I can see it working, I can go out and run my hand on the glass and feel the difference, best of all it saves us money and I don’t have to look at terribly dirty glass anymore”