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Feature projects related to concrete repair and rehabilitation.

1. Swing bridge repair over a river.

2. Fender and cable trench replacement, Port Klang

3. Silo repair, Labuan.

4. Petrochemical terminal rehabilitation, Bagan Luar

5. Beam strengthening with CFRP in a factory located in Jelapang

6. Bridge piles maintenance, over Sg Selangor

7. Conditional assessment of Jetty.

8. Repair of passenger jetty, Mersing

9. Urgent rehabilitation work of petrochemical facility, Sandakan

10. Rehabilitation of fire damage apartment in Tg. Tuan

11. Repairs for fire damage building

12. CFRP strengthening to cater for increase in loading, Seremban

13. Fender replacement for flour and feedmill terminal, Labuan

14. Column enlargement

15. Column enlargement 8.5 meter height